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Title First Benton People
Posted by BENTON (ip:)
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  • Date 2019-10-14
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Since 2011, we have tried to minimize unnecessary costs for packaging, containers, and advertising. Instead, we put more energy to put better ingredients.


Therefore, Benton people, customers who have used our products, are the main driver for us to grow until now.


Let us meet Benton people who have been showing strong confidence in our products.



A friend of mine who is working in the beauty industry recommended Benton after checking my skin condition.


I’ve used all the well-known products in which many cases ended up disappointing.


Therefore, at first, I just tried without expecting too much.


I studied skincare and worked in a dermatology clinic after acquiring a nurse certification.


I had all the knowledge about the skin, but I couldn’t figure out what was right for my skin.


If I use products for dry skin because it feels dry inside, my skin would get too oily. If I use light products for the oily skin type, my skin would get too dry.


After using Benton, I can’t forget my first excitement that I found the right product.


After giving birth to a child, even though her skin type changed, she is still using Benton.


Not only she, but her husband and other family members were all using Benton’s products.


What would be her favorite product, then?


Yes, it was #Papaya-D_Sunscreen!


My skin is so sensitive that I couldn’t use just any sunscreen product as I would feel irritation like burning and itchy sensations.


Papaya-D Sunscreen has removed all my fears of sunscreen products along with its light texture.

My lifelong product is #Snail_Bee_High_Content_Steam_Cream

I have extremely dry skin without a trace of lustrous.


After using this product, people have told me that my skin looks much better.


And the dryness from the inside has completely vanished.


I was often annoyed by cakey makeup, which would make the skin surface unorganized and messy.

However, Benton changed my beauty habit.




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